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  • Preparing real food since 2008

  • Made Fresh For You

  • Made Fresh For You

Awarded "Best Restaurant in Dauphin" by Restaurant Guru 2022.

Awarded "Best Club in Dauphin" by Restaurant Guru 2023.

Manitoba Perogy Trail

Did you know we are a part of the Manitoba Perogy Trail? Learn more about the Manitoba Perogy Trail by visiting Travel Manitoba's website.

Breakfast Menu

Scratch Cooked Breakfasts

Poached eggs available daily until 10:30 am.

  • Rise and Shine

    2 eggs your way, choice of bacon, ham, sausage links or kolbasa. Served with choice of hashbrowns, baked beans and bakery fresh toast
    1/2 order .......... 8.99

  • Ukrainian Breakfast

    “Smachnoho!” (Ukrainian for “enjoy your meal”) You don’t have to be Ukrainian to appreciate this hearty plate of deliciousness! We start with two eggs made the way you like ‘em, then we add kolbasa, golden crispy handmade perogies topped with fried onions. Served with bakery fresh toast and sour cream

  • Breakfast Quesadilla

    Fresh tortilla, stuffed with eggs, bacon strips, cheese, and guacamole. Includes choice of hashbrowns, baked beans  

  • Day Breaker

    For those with a big day and an even bigger appetite! 3 eggs, choice of 2 meats: ham, bacon, sausage or kolbasa served with choice of hashbrowns, baked beans and bakery fresh toast or hotcakes

  • Corrina’s B.O.B. (Breaky on a bun)

    Tackle anything following this breakfast burger. Served open faced with 2 fresh Parkland beef patties topped with a soft basted egg, bacon and cheese dressed in mayo. Hashbrowns and baked beans included
    Sub gluten free bun .......... 2.49

  • Porter Cakes (In memory of Mr. Porter)

    A generational family pancake recipe! Served with warmed syrup
    1/2 order (1 pancake) .......... 8.99

  • French Toast

    You guessed it, another secret family recipe! 2 thick slices of homemade
    bread toasted to perfection, served with warmed syrup 
    1/2 order .......... 8.99

    Add berries and whipped topping to cakes, french toast or waffle (blueberry or strawberry topping) 3.29

  • Breakfast Wrap

    Get on the scoreboard with our tasty flat wrap filled with a combination of fresh eggs, cheese, peppers, onions, our house sauce & your choice of meat: ham, bacon, sausage, or chicken. Served with hashbrowns and beans 

Top your favorites with hollandaise 2.99

  • Breakfast Club

    Triple decker design! Experience this amazing sandwich with fried eggs, bacon, cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Includes hashbrowns and baked beans

  • Steak and Eggs
    Ribeye (8 oz) 26.99

    Who says steak is just for supper???
    2 eggs your way, served with choice of hashbrowns, baked beans and bakery fresh toast
    Sirloin (6 oz) 19.99 (8 oz) ......... 22.99

  • Corrina’s Scrambler

    Scrambled eggs are great, but let’s be honest, they could be a little better. That’s where the Scrambler comes in. Your choice of diced bacon, ham or sausage and green onions, served on a bed of crispy seasoned hashbrowns, smothered with deliciously chewy cheddar cheese, with a side of bakery fresh toast.

  • Eggs Benedict

    Two basted soft eggs on an english muffin with back bacon and spinach topped with hollandaise and served with choice of hashbrowns and baked beans
    1/2 order .......... 12.49

Tomatoes or a bed of spinach may be substituted for toast or hash browns on any breakfast plate at no charge.
Sub flax toast or texas toast add .99


All omelettes are served with choice of hashbrowns, baked beans and bakery fresh toast

  • “Hat Trick” Omelette

    Made with 2 fresh eggs and your choice of 3 fillings: cheese, bacon, ham,
    sausage, chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions (white or green), peppers, banana peppers, spinach, jalapenos or salsa
    Add extra filling ........... 1.99

  • Seafood Omelette

    Made with 2 fresh eggs and filled with treasures of the sea. Succulent shrimp, crab, peppers and onions sauteed in butter and topped with cheese. Served with choice of sour cream or cocktail sauce

  • “Dauphin Kings” Omelette

    Play hard, and eat like a King!
    Made with 3 fresh eggs and stuffed with bacon, ham, sausage, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, peppers and cheese 
    Double up a topping .......... 1.99

Top your Omelette with hollandaise 2.99

  • Lean & Green Veggie Omelette

    This healthy and delicious option is made with two large egg whites, spinach, peppers, onions, mushrooms and topped with melted mozza cheese.

  • Mexican Omelette

    Made with 2 fresh eggs and filled with taco beef, peppers, onions, salsa and cheese

Breakfast Side Orders

  • 1 Egg
  • Toast 1 slice (white, brown or rye)
  • Toast 2 slices (white, brown or rye)
  • Flax Toast/Texas Toast
  • Pancakes (2 sm)
  • Tomato Slices
    1.99 (3)
  • Bacon, Ham, Sausage or Kolbasa (3)
  • Hashbrowns
  • Side of Hollandaise
  • Poutine Your Hashbrowns

    with cheese curds & hollandaise


  • Coffee/Tea
  • Hot Chocolate or Mocha

    Topped with whipped cream

  • Herbal Tea
  • Milk (White)

    Chocolate milk .......... 3.29

  • Juice

    Orange & Apple 3.29


  • Bowl of Porridge

    Just like grandma’s! Served with brown sugar, milk and toast (cinnamon optional)

  • Dry Cereal (Ask for choices)

    With two slices of toast

Corrina's is proud to serve fresh baked goods from Dauphin’s own Western Bakery. 

Gluten Friendly

Most breakfasts can become gluten free by excluding toast and deep fried hashbrowns

Sharing is Caring

  • Corrina’s Family Fave Chicken Fingers (3) Fav

    Freshly breaded on order, best paired with our house made honey dill sauce 
    Add an extra one ..........3.99

  • Triple P Kicker

    Tender Pulled Pork in Forty Creek Whiskey BBQ Sauce on a mound of fresh cut fries, loaded with cheese curds and our famous gravy, topped with green onions, jalapenos, and a splash of Franks

  • Corrina’s Home Cut Fries

    We use locally grown spuds and cut them fresh in house 
    Poutine  ........... 9.49
    Chili cheese fries ...........12.99
    Sweet potato fries ..........8.99

  • Build your own Poutine

    Choose 3 toppings and have a feast includes (2) choices of veggies and (1) choice of meat, cheese curds & gravy 
    Veggies: Tomatoes, green onions, jalapenos, banana peppers, sauerkraut, mushrooms, peppers, fried onions 
    Meats: Sausage, kolbasa, bacon, taco beef, chicken, corned beef, ham, back bacon 
    Extra veg ......... 1.49
    Extra meat ......... 3.99
    Double cheese ......... 1.99
    Top it off with 2 crispy perogies for ......... 3.99

  • Chicken WingsBest in Town

    Breaded wings smothered in sauce… or not… it’s your choice
    Honey Garlic, Teriyaki, BBQ, Buffalo, Sweet Chili, Electric Honey, Salt & Pepper, Cajun, Lemon Pepper or Plain

  • Dusted CalamariFav

    Delicately dusted crispy calamari, served with a rich tzatziki dip

  • Pickle Chips

    Deep fried dill pickle slices with a light spice, served with chipotle dip

  • Dry Ribs

    Lightly breaded bites of tender boneless pork, served with a rich tzatziki dip
    1/2 lb ......... 11.99
    1 lb .......... 18.49

  • Quesadilla

    Tender bites of chicken breast with cheese, tomatoes & green onions, served with a side of salsa & sour cream
    Add Guacamole ......... 2.49

  • Onion Rings

    Healthy portion of thick cut rings, served with choice of sauce

  • Popcorn Shrimp

    Tasty bites of breaded shrimp served with seafood sauce
    1/2 lb ......... 10.99
    1 lb .......... 15.49

  • Perogies (6)

    Locally sourced home made perogies served boiled or crispy fried, topped with fried onions & bacon and a side of sour cream

Corrina's is proud to serve locally grown Koshowski Potatoes when seasonally available.

Good & Green

All our salads are prepped and washed in our own kitchen
- Make any salad a wrap for $1.99 extra -

ADD Steak 6.99 | Chicken 4.99 | Garlic Toast 3.99 | Cheese Toast 5.99 | Crispy Avacado 2.99

  • Superb Spinach SaladFav

    Fresh spinach loaded with mushrooms, bacon, red onion, boiled egg, mozza cheese, then drizzled with our creamy in house made warm bacon dressing 
    1/2 order .......... 13.49

  • Classic Caesar

    Crisp romaine tossed in a creamy asiago dressing, with bacon, croutons and topped with parmesan cheese 
    1/2 order ......... 8.99

  • Chef

    Mixed greens with tomatoes, red onions, diced ham, cheese, boiled egg & fresh chicken breast 
    1/2 order .......... 13.99

  • Taco Salad

    Edible oven baked tortilla bowl stuffed with fresh romaine, tomatoes, green onions, taco beef or chicken and cheese, served with salsa & sour cream
    Sub Beyond Meat ........... 2.99
    Add Guacamole ........... 2.49

  • Club Salad

    Salad greens with all the fixings, grilled chicken, ham, bacon, tomato, red onions, and shredded cheese with choice of dressing

  • Mandarin Almond

    Crisp romaine with mandarin oranges, red onions and toasted almonds drizzled with creamy poppy seed dressing 
    1/2 order .......... 12.99

Handcrafted Sandwiches...

Gourmet sandwiches served w/ 2 sides

French Fries - Coleslaw - Caesar Salad - Garden Salad - Veggies & Dip - Cup of Soup

  • Corrina’s Signature Monte Cristo

    Sliced chicken breast, smoked ham, monterey jack and swiss cheese, served triple decker style
    Sandwich only .......... 12.99

  • The Reubenator

    Corned beef & sauerkraut, paired up with mozza cheese and our special
    sauce, served between two slices of rye bread grilled in garlic butter 
    Sandwich only .......... 12.49

  • Pomzy’s Parmigiana Chicken Sandwich

    In house roasted chicken breast, marinara sauce, melted mozza & parm cheese topped with mixed greens on a grilled ciabatta bun 
    Sandwich only ......... 12.49

  • The Saucy DipsterCorrina's Fav

    Slow roasted Parkland beef, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, mozza cheese with house spiced mayo served on a freshly toasted ciabatta bun with a side of au jus 
    Sandwich only ......... 13.99

  • Pulled Pork Sandwich

    Tender pulled pork served on a grilled ciabatta bun and smothered in 40 Creek whiskey bbq sauce
    Sandwich only .......... 12.99
    Add cheese for ......... 1.99

  • The ClubhouseLes' Fav

    A triple decker stacked to the hilt with lettuce, tomato, ham, red onion, mayo, grilled chicken breast, cheese and bacon 
    Sandwich only ........... 13.99

Sub gluten free bun 2.49

Poutine your fries   3.19

Between the Bread’s

All sandwiches are served on your choice of white, brown or rye
Sub flax or texas bread for 0.99 - Sub wrap for 1.99 Sub Gluten Free Bun 2.49
Add cheese for 1.19 - Add coleslaw or veggies & dip for only 2.49

  • BLT

    Half Sandwich .......... 5.49

  • Egg Salad

    Half Sandwich .......... 4.29

  • Salmon Salad

    Half Sandwich .......... 5.99

  • Grilled Cheese

    Half Sandwich .......... 4.49
    with ham or bacon.......... 7.49
    with ham or bacon Half Sandwich .......... 5.49

  • Chicken Salad
  • Ham, Cheese & Lettuce

    Half Sandwich .......... 5.29

  • Denver

    Half Sandwich .......... 4.99

  • Roast Beef


Need More...

Add a side
French Fries
Caesar Salad
Garden Salad
4.99 each

We got

Corrina’s makes a
fresh home made pot
of both cream and
broth based soup daily

Soup of the day

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Comfort Fusion & Old Fav’s

Served with French fries, Medium Soup, Garden or Caesar Salad

  • Corrina’s Family Favourite Chicken Fingers (3) Fav

    Freshly breaded on order, best paired with our house made honey dill 
    Add an extra one ......... 3.99

  • Taco’s

    Every day is Tuesday at Corrina’s!
    3 soft shell corn tortillas filled with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cheese and coleslaw with salsa & sour cream on the side
    Sweet chili shrimp .......... 18.99
    Taco Beef .......... 17.99
    Seasoned chicken .......... 17.99
    Sub Beyond Meat .......... 2.99

  • Steak Stuffed Grilled Cheese

    Thick cut texas toast stuffed with steak and cheese

  • Hot Beef Sandwich Fav

    House roasted Parkland beef sandwiched in between bread and gravy

  • Meltdown Chicken

    Back by popular demand! Grilled chicken, tomato, green onion, Monterey jack cheese served on a ciabatta bun with house sauce

Bigger, Better Parkland Burgers

Our hand pressed 6 oz patties are served on a toasted sesame bun with choice of 2 sides
Veggies & Dip - French Fries - Cup of Soup - Coleslaw - Caesar Salad - Garden Salad

Gluten free bun add 2.49

  • Dauphin King's BurgerFav

    Two seasoned beef patties served open-faced, dressed with mayo, onions, lettuce & tomato, topped with bacon, cheese and mushrooms
    Burger only ........... 15.99

  • Boulevard Burger

    A seasoned beef patty, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, mozza cheese, bacon and our special burger sauce
    Burger only  ..........12.49

  • Turkey Avocado Burger

    A turkey patty, lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado slices and house sauce
    Burger only .......... 12.99

  • Chicken BurgerFav

    Crispy chicken breast hand cut and breaded on order, then dressed with mayo, lettuce and tomato 
    Burger only .......... 11.99

  • Dirty 30 Burger

    An all in attitude is required for this biggie, whether hungry or HANGRY, this one will satisfy any burger Enthusiast! 4 patties, piled with bacon, back bacon, cheddar, mozza and swiss cheese, onions rings, dressed with 40 Creek whisky bbq sauce & mayo… Go for it… you know you want it!
    Burger only ........ 32.49

Sub sweet potato fries or onion rings on any platter for 3.99

  • Gourmet Burger

    Seasoned beef patty loaded with mushrooms, peppers, green onions, lettuce, tomato, house sauce and topped with Beefeater onion rings
    Burger only ........... 13.49
    Add cheddar, mozza or swiss .......... 1.19

  • Hamburger

    Burger only ......... 9.49

  • Cheeseburger

    Burger only .......... 10.69
    Hamburger & Cheeseburger dressed with
    mayo, mustard, & onion

  • Bacon CheeseburgerFav

     Burger only  .......... 12.99

    Bacon Cheeseburger dressed with mayo, mustard, onion, lettuce & tomato

  • Chili Cheeseburger

    Burger only .......... 13.49

  • The Beyond Burger

    Plant based and full of taste, this protein filled patty will surprise your taste buds, dressed with pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion and house sauce
    Burger only ...........11.99


Parkland Beef Patty 5.29      Beyond Patty 6.99      Bacon (slice) 1.79
Cheese 1.19  Gravy 1.99      Mushrooms 1.49      Sauces/Dips 0.99
Poutine your fries 3.19      Add coleslaw or veggies/dip 2.49     Add lettuce or tomato 1.49


Available daily from 11:30 am to close

All Mains include choice of Mashed Potatoes, French Fries or
*Signature Rice and Daily Veggies or Coleslaw (*excludes Perogy Palooza)

Add a starter Caesar Salad, Garden Salad or a Cup of Soup for 4.99
Poutine your Fries 3.19
Sub Mashed Supreme 3.19
(bacon, green onions & cheese)

*Corrina’s Signature Rice Contains almonds"

Add a Shrimp Skewer to any Entree 4.99

  • Chicken Parmigiana

    Freshly hand breaded chicken breast, crispy fried and topped with zesty marinara, mozza and parmesan cheese

  • Chicken Dinner Fav

    3 piece chicken dinner, crispy fried to perfection

  • Liver & Onions Fav

    Cuz no one will cook it for you at home! Try our lightly breaded grilled beef liver, topped with gravy, fried onions & bacon 
    Half order ......... 13.49

  • Veal

    Corrina’s specialty, a lightly breaded veal, grilled and topped with our homemade gravy

  • Shrimp Feast Trio

    Sautéed garlic shrimp skewer, sweet & spicy bam bam shrimp and golden crispy shrimp, served with seafood sauce.
    Definitely a feast!

  • Fish Dinner

    2 pieces English style battered haddock served with our homemade tartar sauce “mmm… delish
    Half order .........14.99

  • Steak Sandwich Fav

    A flavorful charbroiled Canadian AAA sirloin steak served on slice of garlic toast
    8 oz .......... 23.99
    6 oz .......... 20.99

  • Rib Eye Steak

    8 oz of rich buttery Canadian AAA steak prepared to your liking 
    Top it with mushrooms & onions for 2.99

  • Hamburger Steak

    12 oz Parkland beef patty smothered in our homemade gravy and topped with fried onions 
    6 oz ........ 15.99
    Top it with peppers & mushrooms ........ 3.49

  • Pepper Steak

    Another of Corrina’s favorites! Tender strips of beef, with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and garlic seasoning

  • *Perogy Palooza (12) Fav

    Locally sourced homemade perogies served boiled or crispy, topped with fried onions and served with kolbasa, sauerkraut and a side of sour cream
    Half order ............ 17.99

Ukrainian Platter

Our tasty Ukrainian Platter is only available during festival season.


Served with a slice of Garlic Toast

  • Classic Stir-Fry

    Your choice of beef or chicken with sautéed vegetables and teriyaki sauce, served on pasta or white rice

  • Chicken Ball Bowl Fav

    Freshly breaded chicken balls, choice of sweet chilli or honey garlic sauce, served with vegetable on a bed of our signature rice*

  • Fettuccine Alfredo

    Thick noodles tossed with creamy garlic alfredo
    Chicken 18.49
    Shrimp 21.49
    Vegetable 16.49


Pies, cheesecakes and butter tarts scratch made in house

  • Cheesecake

    Blueberry or Cherry

  • Pies

    Blueberry, Raisin, Cherry, Apple Caramel Crumble, Coconut Cream, Chocolate Cream, Banana Cream, Lemon Meringue
    With Ice Cream add 1.99

  • Corrina’s Butter Tarts (Grandma Onie’s Recipe)

    Served warm with a dollop of ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce

  • Dish of Ice Cream

    Chocolate or Vanilla

Ask about pre-ordering home made desserts for your next event!
We are licensed, ask your server for a bar menu


Pies, cheesecakes and butter tarts scratch made in house

  • Bottled Pepsi Products

    Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7-Up, Root Beer, Brisk Iced Tea, Ginger Ale, Aquafina Water, Lemonade (seasonal)

  • Pure Leaf Iced Tea
  • Coffee / Orange Pekoe Tea
  • Higgins & Burke Herbal Tea

    Green Tea, Berry Blend, Apple Cinnamon, Chamomile, Peppermint, Cranberry Pomegranate, Honey Lemon, Earl Grey

  • Milk

    Chocolate Milk ........3.29

  • Hot Chocolate or Mocha

    Topped with whipped cream

  • Floats
  • Milk Shakes

    Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla

  • Juice

    Apple or Orange

Junior Breakfast

For kids 10 and under only

All junior meals include small apple juice, or milk, (white or chocolate)

  • Early Riser

    1 egg, with choice of bacon, ham, sausage, or kolbasa, 2 hasbrowns & 1 slice of toast

Add berries and whipped topping (strawberry or blueberry) 1.49

 Add (1) piece of bacon, ham, sausage or kolbasa 1.79

  • Mickey Mouse Pancakes (3)
  • French Toast (1 slice)
  • Cereal Box and 1 Slice of Toast
  • Cheese Omlette

Junior Lunch/Supper

For kids 10 and under only

Includes choice of 2 sides, fries, cup of soup, veggies & dip, or small dish of vanilla or chocolate ice cream with sprinkles

Add gravy 0.79

  • Chicken Bites (4)
  • Popcorn Shrimp
  • Hamburger (plain)
  • Cheeseburger (plain)
  • Hot Dog (plain)
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich
  • Cheese Quesadilla
  • Fettucine Noodles & Marinara

Toddler Sides

1.99 each

Mashed potatoes, Peas & carrots or Small plate of fries